Coffee, Cold Brew, or Iced Tea

Introducing DRAFFT Coffee and Tea Concentrates

Our 50+ years of experience in formulating and manufacturing premium beverage concentrates and flavors allow us to bring quality products and service to small, large operators, and distributors.

Premium “on demand” COFFEE & TEA

Created with Colombian blends of customized proprietary ingredients. Optimizing the flavor components of brewed coffee, this cup presents the color, body, and gloss of traditionally perked coffee in an “On Demand” liquid concentrate format. Capturing the full flavor, freshness, and aroma of brewed products, offers consistent quality, low labor cost, no waste or prep time, and is always fresh and ready with a six-month stable ambient shelf life.

Quality "on-demand" equipment includes Newco and Bunn liquid coffee concentrate dispensers using self stable BIB products.

  • Delivers temperature -controlled, hot fresh coffee all day
  • Eliminates waste
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Consistent temperature
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy Maintenance
  • No prep time, no filters
  • Fresh all day, every day

Shelf stable bag-in-box packaging. 6 month self life, 30 days open packaging. Enviro-friendly packaging - Biodegradable boxes recyclable bib’s.

Serve DRAFFT Coffee & Tea BIB products with Nitron Infused Gas technology

Nitro cold-brew coffee offers a drinking experience that optimizes the flavors of both traditionally brewed coffee and teas. The patented Bunn and Brood gas infusion technology captures full flavor, freshness, and aroma in an “On Demand” concentrate format. These systems deliver consistent, high-quality beverages with low labor costs and no prep time. The cold-brew coffee and tea concentrates stay fresh at ambient temperatures. Both compact dispensing systems deliver ease of use and on-going operations.

Keg-free design makes the Bunn Nitron the ideal platform for delivering authentic Cold Brew taste without the need for a complex or lengthy brewing process.

  • Achieve a nitro infusion with no kegs to change-out, store, clean or sanitize!
  • Great Taste! No milk or sugar needed! 
  • Cold Brew Coffee, Iced Coffee, or Iced Tea – all from a sleek 10-inch wide footprint.
  • Up to 12/1 concentrate ratios
  • No pouring or mixing required
  • 4-6 month shelf life
Drafft Bunn products
drafft Newco products

DRNX BRW nitro cold brew coffee maker is the pinnacle of cold brew coffee in its truest form.

  • Countertop nitro coffee dispenser for both nitro and still cold brew – from the same tap
  • A delicious, perfectly chilled beverage ready for sipping in under 12 seconds.
  • No Kegs to store, clean or manage
  • Extracts nitrogen from the air; no nitrogen tank necessary
  • Compact design; can be placed over or under the counter
  • Up to 12/1 concentrate ratios
  • 4-6 month shelf life
drafft Newco products

Newco adjustable temperature and individual product strength control allow you to customize each selection to your personal taste profile.

  • No pouring or mixing required
  • No Kegs to store, clean or manage
  • Up to 8/1 concentrate ratios
  • 6 month shelf life

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