DRAFFT ROOT BEER specializes in formulating and manufacturing premium beverage concentrates and flavors. As a family owned and operated company for over 30 years, we've worked hard to earn and maintain our reputation for customer satisfaction and prompt, reliable service. Combining our experience with the finest ingredients, we provide a variety of quality beverage products to serve a wide range of needs. Whether it is customizing a special product or creating a private label, we make every effort to please our customers. Try our products, and enjoy our commitment to quality!

We make Drafft premium snowcone syrup in over 100 mouthwatering flavors, from Amaretto to Wedding Cake. Many of our customers tell us that they've tried other brands, and ours are simply the best. Buy ready-to-use syrup, or make your own using 4oz. concentrate (just add sugar and water).

Brrrrrr! Brain freeze is a definite possibility when you refresh yourself with a frozen, fruity, Drafft granita. They are easy to mix, just add crushed ice and blend. Icy cold, full of color and flavor, these frosty treats are light enough to enjoy anytime, and delicious all the time!

Ahhh! Indulge yourself with a creamy, dreamy frozen delight. Drafft smoothies blend the refreshing taste of fruit with the richness of cream, for a velvety, satisfying treat. Whether mixed in a smoothie machine or in a blender, these luxurious creations are as much a pleasure to look at as they are to taste!

At Drafft, we take special pride in our exceptional bar mixes. We specialize in custom Margarita mixes, and have an extensive list of other bar mixers and bar juices available. From Peach Bellini to Strawberry Daiquiri, from Pina Colada to Sweet&Sour, we offer everything you and your customers desire in a bar mix.

Need quick refreshment? Satisfy your thirst (and your customers!) with Kiwi Lime, Tropical Blue, or one of (25) other terrific flavors available. They're easy to mix-just add water. Drafft concentrated drink syrup comes in ratios of 4+1, 5+1, 7+1, and 9+1. These high performance, high quality drink concentrates will keep your customers coming back for more.

Drafft makes a variety of excellent, shelf stable juice drinks for your Bag'n'Box system. Our juice offers the healthful benefits of real fruit juice in a great tasting drink. Try our premium 100% juice, or juices in percentages from 5% to 50%. For extra nutritional value, fortify your juice with A, D, C or Calcium. Drafft uses superior juices, and you can taste it!


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